Burnout is Portland's annual post-playa Decompression event. Some folk dance the dust off their boots, others catch a whiff of the playa they missed, and everyone has a good time.

2013: Burnout will be held at Rotture on October 12th. [1]

2012: "Welcome Home", an unoffical decompression hosted at Refuge on September 15th, as well as an "Unofficial, Official, Unofficial, Official Portland Pre-Decompression Get-Together, Burn and/or BBQ" or "Deompression Park Day" on Sunday, Sep 23rd at Kelley Point Park. [2]

2011: Burnout was held in two adjacent spaces, Refuge PDX and an Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) lot. Ninja stars were thrown and a good time was had by all. [3]

2010: OMFG WET. Burnout was held in the ODOT lot at 45 SE Main, and participants were drenched thorougly by the remnants of Typhoon Megi, who crossed the Pacific just to join the party. Furry coats were dampened, but spirits were (mostly) not. Lessons learned about resilience and the difference between drizzle-rain and bucket-rain. [4]

2009 and previous: Things happened in places.