“The placement of Regional effigies in a circle around the Man suggests the progress of Burning Man culture; what started as a fire in the center has emanated out into many communities and fires around the world.”

Portland CORE

Portland CORE Crue

Ludum et Refugium (2013)Edit

Ludum et Refugium stood for Portland in the Circle of Regional Effigies in 2013. The giant tree house, which was open for all Burning Man participants to climb, play on, and take shade under, burned along with 24 effigies on August 29th.

Grow Fourth (2012)Edit

Grow Fourth stood for Portland in the Circle of Regional Effigies in 2012. It burned alongside 34 other Regional effigies on Thursday, August 30th.

The Portland Burner community is vibrant and active, with decentralized pockets of creativity all across the region. The 2012 CORE project echoed Portland's character with the placement of four smaller effigies around a tall Tree. Our design honored both the community's subgroups and cultural unity as Burners. The negative space in between the pieces symbolized the potential for connections and growth. The Tree's canopy was covered in Leaves embellished by local artists and participants. Surrounding its roots, we suspended 3D wooden pieces from four stem-like metal hangers that appeared to be growing up from the Playa.

Grow Fourth's interplay of metal and wood represented the diversity of Portland's makers, with a Tree symbolizing the forests of the Pacific Northwest. and was ugly.

ThunderBridge (2011)Edit

ThunderBridge stood for Portland in the Circle of Regional Effigies that surrounded the Burning Man in Black Rock City 2011. It burned as one of twenty-two on Thursday, September 1st. The SOAK*CORE Crüe designed, built, transported, assembled, policed and BURN BURN BURNed ThunderBridge.