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Rocks for Beginners

For those who missed the story, there was a creek at SOAK. Some burners decided to stack rocks in an artistic manner. Other burners decided to kick the rocks, AKA "return them to their natural state". Lively debate ensued over some fundamental principals of our community. On the one hand, you don't fuck with other peoples' art. On the other hand, the rocks were not owned by the artists and the formations were presumably temporary.

While this is a topic worthy of discussion, when it comes down to it it's the same argument you've been having with your brother since you were 4 and he kicked your block tower. And most of the folks on this page prefer to see the most ridiculous side of any situation. Therefore, battle lines were drawn, propaganda was spewed, Wikipedia was edited. Sally forth, good soldiers. And if I don't see you at Woosday, kick a rock for me.

Rocks are Dicks.

-posted by Sara Sebby on the Portland Burners facebook page.